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Ibex Fairstay

ibex fairstay accompanies and certifies hotel and lodging companies on their way to a sustainable business management. The holistic support includes the five dimensions management, ecology, regionalism, social affairs and finances. A catalogue of measures as well as supported calculations and analyses are used to identify useful opportunities for improvement.

Quality of management 
Sustainability must be consciously anchored in the management. The internal structures and processes are adapted accordingly: Staff management, internal organisation, controlling, guest orientation, innovation. 

Ecology - careful use of resources 
The careful handling of resources is dear to our hearts. For this reason, we pay attention to environmental compatibility and savings opportunities in energy, water, waste, purchasing, furnishings and the environment. 

Regionality - regional anchoring and authenticity
Our offer is authentic and has a close connection to the region and its population, culture and landscape. The added value should remain in the region as far as possible and strengthen it. In this way, we create jobs, support customs, reduce transport distances and inspire people with enthusiasm for regional specialities and features.

Social - maintaining the social balance
Guests and employees should feel comfortable. We make sure that the general conditions are right for everyone: Consideration of guest wishes, fair and supportive working conditions for employees, inclusion of suppliers, harmony with the population, accessibility. 

Finances and performance 

Only an economically healthy company can work sustainably and secure jobs. That is why we

place great emphasis on profitability, performance, cost control, investments, risk

management as well as guest and employee satisfaction.

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We are part of the Swisstainable sustainability program and are classified as Level III - leading. The Swisstainable sustainability program brings together companies and organisations from the entire Swiss tourism sector. By participating, we commit ourselves to continuous sustainable business development, pursue measures in the area of sustainability and thus make a concrete contribution to sustainable Swiss tourism.



In light of the challenges currently facing our world, we recognise our responsibility to act. We must take action today to secure the future. Our decisions and actions today will have a lasting impact on the generations of tomorrow. The following principles and measures have been defined in accordance with our mission statement.


By waiving the full cleaning service for every overnight stay, you are actively contributing to reducing your carbon footprint. As a gesture of appreciation, you will receive a complimentary drink voucher, which can be redeemed at our restaurants. For further details, please contact the hotel directly.



The Central Plaza Zurich has been welcoming guests with excellent service and culinary delights since 1883. Today, our international guests can enjoy 103 comfortable rooms and suites with a view of the Limmat and the vibrant Old Town.

We attach great importance to sustainability and are actively committed to the future. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint with measures such as reducing energy consumption and using environmentally friendly products.

Discover the history and future of the Central Plaza Zurich, characterized by hospitality, quality and sustainability.


The Company Enerprice confirms that from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024, the Central Plaza Hotel will cover 100% of its electricity consumption with hydroelectric power. Purchasing energy from renewable sources promotes sustainable power generation.



In an unlikely event that the generated energy is insufficient, the ETH district heating network will be used in order to supplement the supply. To protect the environment, we utilize a centrally controlled ventilation system to air-condition your room. To maintain optimal cooling conditions, we advise ventilating the room in the early morning and late evening hours. During the day, it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight, which is why we provide curtains and window blinds in midsummer.


The organization is a non-profit association that advocates the consumption of tap water and the donation of drinking water. We are dedicated to the sustainable consumption of our exceptional tap water, rather than relying on branded water transported by road.



Our prime location in the heart of Zurich offers excellent connections to the public transport network. The "Central" streetcar stop is right on our doorstep, an excellent transportation hub with a total of seven streetcar and two bus lines.

Zurich's world-famous main railway station is also just 200 meters away. All destinations in Switzerland and most major European cities are easily accessible from the main station. The central location and excellent public transport connections allow you to plan your travel itinerary flexibly, enabling you to explore the region's diverse attractions and experience the rich culture of Europe.


We sensitize our team to the issue of food waste. Regular communication between service and kitchen enables us to respond quickly to guest requests. We manage demand by actively selling and offering a follow-up service. Guests can take leftovers with them in a food box to minimize food waste.

REGIONAL PRODUCTS - regional anchoring and authenticity

Swiss food is very important to us. That is why we attach great importance to a balanced approach to purchasing and are increasingly focusing on Swiss products. We are convinced that this guarantees short transportation routes, protects the environment, raises awareness of regional products and supports the local economy and jobs in our region. Long-term partnerships with our suppliers are particularly important to us.

Furthermore, more than half of the breakfast products come from Zurich and the surrounding area.


By participating in the program of the Energy Agency for Industry, we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy efficiency. The target agreement is recognized by the federal government, cantons and business partners.

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