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4* Hotel Central Plaza in Zurich

With pleasure in the service of the guest

This describes the core of our activity. Our aim is to offer each and every guest, whether coming from Switzerland or another country, a warm stay at the most central location in the city of Zurich.

With services that are as professional as they are personal, we do everything we can to ensure that you feel at home with us, that you are always happy to come back to us and that you are just as happy to tell your friends about your stay with us. You should be able to enjoy the highest level of well-being even in the small space of a city hotel with a history rich in tradition. All our staff are thoroughly trained in creating the right setting for carefree days full of comfort and enjoyment.


Our Certificates

The most important feedback we receive is from our guests. Furthermore, we are also pleased about the four following awards:

Officially Four Stars ****

The official certification as a four-star hotel by Hotelleriesuisse: The association of the Swiss hotel industry has been vouching for the credibility and significance of the genuine hotel stars for over 30 years. As a guest, you can rely on the meaningful hotel classification, as it is based on clearly defined requirements that are regularly reviewed by experienced experts. The ****Central Plaza Hotel is thus classified as a "four-star hotel" with an upscale standard.


Highest standard of hygiene

The Central Plaza Hotel undergoes voluntary and regular hygiene monitoring by the Eurofins laboratory as part of its self-monitoring and quality assurance.

CO2 Certificate

For exemplary reduction and optimisation of energy emissions.

Electricity 100% from hydropower

The company "Enerprice" confirms that the Central Plaza Hotel will cover 100% of its electricity consumption from hydroelectric power from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2024. By purchasing energy from renewable sources, sustainable electricity generation is promoted.


Heat and cold generation

Since 1983 we have been operating a Limmat water heat pump for the heat in the hotel rooms. If the energy generated is not sufficient, we help out by means of the ETH district heating network.

To protect the environment, we use a centrally controlled ventilation system to air-condition your room. In order to maintain maximum coolness in your room, we recommend airing early in the morning / late in the evening. During the day it makes sense to avoid direct sunlight - in high summer we therefore use the curtains and blinds.



We have been a proud "SapoCycle Premium Member" for some years now. SapoCycle turns our discarded hotel soaps into life-saving products. They are a non-profit organisation that collects discarded soaps in European hotels, reprocesses them and distributes the recycled soaps to improve sanitary conditions of children and families in need. People with disabilities are in charge of the soap recycling, which allows them to work in a stable environment. More information and donation options: SapoCycle.

Make a green choice!

With each overnight stay that you opt out of the entire housekeeping service, you reduce your Co2 footprint and reward yourself with a drinks voucher of CHF 10.- redeemable in our restaurants. More information is available at the hotel.


Electricity 100% from hydroelectric power

We only use 100% green electricity and participate in the cantonal target agreement, which helps us to reduce our electricity and CO2 consumption even further.


We use LED lamps wherever it makes sense, and conventional lamps are gradually being replaced.

Hot water

Hot water is produced using waste heat from the cold rooms.

Three boilers are used, so the hot water is preheated in each case with the circulation return.

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